Property Taxes:

On Long Island, property taxes are the top issue. Property taxes, mostly school taxes, are a large percentage of the average working families’ income. Because of the high property taxes, young people are leaving at an alarming rate while those on fixed incomes are being forced to relocate. Albany must address the plight of Long Islanders by funding more of the education budget, implementing a circuit breaker and creating real education funding reform. As senator, I will ensure our property taxes do not put a strain on the economy or the families that call Long Island home.


Over the past few years, Albany spent millions of dollars across the state to improve the local economies. Long Island received little of this assistance. Albany must focus on smart growth, creating job opportunities and property tax relief for Long Island families and small businesses.

School Funding:

The national recession forced governments to cut spending on education at an alarming rate. Nothing is more important than our children. Albany must take a bigger role in school funding. For local property taxes to account for over 82% of education funding means that the state expects local property taxpayers to fund such taxes. Property taxes should not be above a certain percentage of a family’s total income. A maximum rate, or circuit breaker is needed to protect young, working and fixed income families so they can afford to live here. Funding education is not discretionary but mandatory for our future.

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